Programming 4 Gallery
Computer Programing 4: Applied Math and Artificial Intelligence is a class at Milton Academy that explores the concepts and applications of artificial intelligence in computer programs. The following projects are created by the students in the 2017-2018 classes.
Kanye Lyric LSTM RNN
Ben, Carson, and Jack
Generating Kanye West's new album using a LSTM recurrent neural network
Language Synthesis
Peter and Ethan
Emulating the typing style of humans
BRFSS Data to Predict Depression
Jessica Wang
This project uses BRFSS survey data to predict the likelihoods of depression.
Urban Dictionary AI
Scott C and Ben S
An LSTM neural network that generates Urban Dictionary style definitions, but (usually!) without the profanity.
Cancer Image Diagnostics
A strategy for identification of cancerous CT scans
Generalized Feed-Forward Style Transfer
Jeff, Ethan, and Peter
A model based on Johnson's "Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution"
Portrait-Based Color Preservation
Ben, Jack, and Jimmy
Preserving colors to highlight facial features in a portait
The Effect of Image Transformations on Style Transfer
Scott C., Jessica W., Zac M.
We transformed the contrast, blur, brightness, tint, and other aspects of images to observe the impact on style transfer.
Optical Illusions
Carson, Chris, and Vijaya
An analysis of the relationship between content and style as made distinct in a convolutional neural network
CE vs DDPG for Pendulum-v0
Jimmy DeLano
Investigating the Cross-Entropy and Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient methods.
Minecraft Model
Ethan B
Model approach to solve the OpenAI Gym challenge in the Minecraft environment
Q Learning Mountain Car
Jack Weiler
A comparison of discount factor and initial learning rate values to accompanied utility
Evolutionary Strategies for Pendulum Inversion
Chris P.
Manipulating the inputs for Evolutionary Strategies code to solve the Pendulum-v0 Environment
The Mystery of Bitcoin’s Price
Jeffrey C, Peter M, Zac M
Correlating the erratic changes in Bitcoin’s price with sentiments expressed on reddit
Who Survives?
Chris P, Carson P, Jimmy D
This project predicts how a contestant places at the end of a season in the reality TV show "Survivor" based upon the content of their 'confessionals'
Tweet Predicter
Ethan B, Jack W, Jessica W
This project can classify tweets as being written by Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.
A Kickstart to Kickstarter
Scott C, Ben S, Vijaya A
Predicts whether a Kickstarter project will succeed or not.